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Become a Professional Travel Agent

Are you eager to join the modern and dynamic travel industry and dream of earning a great commission? If yes, then join us today and become a professional travel agent. Don’t worry if you don’t know what it takes to become a professional travel agent. Globalgate Travels will provide you with the required support and training

Our Umrah services

Globalgate Travels Umrah Packages

Globalgate Umrah Services offers many different Lowest Umrah Packages from Saudi Arabia that includes different kinds of facilities and services. So you are at best place to buy Umrah 2022 Packages, As we believe on quality of services for this noble Umrah journey of Muslims. All our packages are exceptionally well managed and include all the basic needs and facilities during the journey, but Economy Umrah Packages have been designed specially to make sure that low budgeted people can also enjoy the heavenly journey to Makkah & Madina to Perform Umrah with exceptional facilities.

Umrah Online

Umrah Online is a service that allows you to book an Umrah on behalf of someone, for example your mother, father or any relative who’s sick or deceased or unable to complete the journey, you can request an umrah on Behalf from us. We will arrange  an Umrah for them in their name, with all the requirements fulfilled by one of the trusted providers. We will also make sure to provide a video proof that confirms the completion of the umrah, recorded by the provider himself

Visa services 

We have reputed agents in Bombay, Delhi, and Madras to do our visa in an efficient manner. Requirements and the visa regulations for various countries can be supplied to you from the visa manual available with us. CRS installed in our office provides up to date information.

We also providing Visiting Visa for the purpose of Business or Family Tours


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Each Holidays package ensures a distinct and exclusive experience for the traveler, with varied geographical features, weather conditions, culinary attractions and cultural heritage.